Freelancer Compliance Risk Checklist

The financial consequences of freelancer misclassification run in the 5-digits for one single instance.

Are you compliant with independent contractor laws and regulations? Our freelancer compliance risk checklist makes it simple to assess your risk by reviewing your classification of 1099 independent contractors.

Freelancer Compliance Risk Checklist

Not sure how to assess your freelance compliance risk?

Misclassifying freelancers and independent contractors can put your business at risk. Reports show that 10-20% of all workers are misclassified, putting employers at risk for violating tax laws and local regulations? This Freelancer Compliance Risk Checklist helps you review your classification of freelancers to assess your compliance risk.

Misclassification can be costly and time-consuming.

Please refer to the IRS website for more insight or ask your employment attorney.

What's in the Freelancer Compliance Risk Checklist?

  • How to assess your freelancer compliance risk

  • The aspects of behavioral control that affect independent contractor / freelancer classification

  • Which financial control factors you need to consider when working with independent contractors / freelancers

  • A quick and easy checklist to help you assess your risk


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